Every Tuesday, Acoustic Open Mic with Bob Hill

Acoustic music, comedy, poetry etc. are all welcome every Tuesday at 8 pm.

Every Thursday, Roger Zee Rock/Blues/Soul Jam Night

This week featuring Keith Fulsher and Lynn Terranova.

Every Friday, Karaoke- Come be a STAR!

Come sing your heart out. The show starts at 8 pm every Friday.  

7/14- Father Jones Band

9:00 pm

Fist pumping Original Rock Music!

7/21- Vinyl Meltdown

  9:00 pm 


The band experiments with a fusion of Blues, Rock, Country, & Metal putting an exciting twist on your favorites. Every show is different and we are proud to give you tribute sets of AC/DC, Sabbath, & Zeppelin, 80's Metal and some Acoustic jams a'la Cream & Allman Bros. Never the same set list and never a dull moment! VM has been touted by members of the local scene as HIGH ENERGY-BEER FUELED ROCK. Sure to keep the house ROCKIN' and the BOOZE flowin' !!! 

8/25- Frankenstein's Baby

9:00 pm


An eclectic blend of musicians, music and personality...! "The Baby" doesn't bite, but has plenty of bark...! Monster rock that spans the ages...! Influences are: Weezer, Stone Temple Pilots, Foo Fighters, The Who, Led Zeppelin, Cake, David Bowie, Queen, Jimi Hendrix, Gene Moore, and The No Knots.